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Welcome to Home Automation Design Group

The way we define our environments becomes who we are.

DESIGN matters - for individuals, for cities, for the future.

Smart home automation product powered by intelligent technology. Integrated security cameras & alarm systems installation specially designed to watch over your small businesses & residential area.

Automation Design Group, an expert custom home automation company provides wealth of customized services in Toronto which can make life more convenient & comfortable. We supply the most dependable top of the line automated security products that deliver 24 hours monitoring of your residential or commercial property.

Have you ever thought of controlling your house theatre, digital media, lighting, heating and ventilation systems with just a finger touch?

Our Toronto digital media home automation company delivers amazing service that lets you control audio-video, lighting even cinema through intuitively designed automated products. A products that gives you the complete authority to control and manage your property safely from anywhere in the world using a variety of secure graphic interfaces.

We design & install leading edge solution for whole-house, building & amenities which decrease the need of human work & allow user to easily control them.

  • Smartphone Control to manage digital lifestyle - Use your smartphone mobile, iPod/iPad or any Internet Service Provider portal to monitor lights & appliances.
  • Home security systems to avoid unwanted entries - Our well-trained technicians' securely integrate the device to provide an easy to use touch-screen access for instant operating. Device programmed to make you & your family rest comfortable. Top-notch, fully functional products equipped with high-tech control units & interconnected sensors which can detect any unauthorized intrusion.
  • Reduce high energy consumption by using high-quality lighting control solution operated by means of portable touchscreens.
  • Power your living area with projection and multimedia, multi-room audio/video theatre system. Special touch panel controls that lets you enjoy audio-video conferencing and drive your presentations, entertainment array of services with a competitive advantage.
  • We provide our clients' with products that deliver maximum performance & ease of use while maximizing their investment with our smart home automation systems solution.