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Mission Statement


We provide design, supply and installation services for the following systems:

  • Home Cinema
  • Multi-room audio/video
  • Audio conferencing
  • Video conferencing
  • Dedicated listening/presentations room
  • Projection and multi-media systems
  • Intelligent lighting controls
  • Automation controls - specializing in touch - screen control systems
  • HD satellite systems
  • Integration of above systems with other systems including HVAC, security, motorized devices etc.


We are experienced in coordinating with architects, interior designers, electrical contractors, general contractors, interior finishing specialists and HVAC engineers. In the case of dedicated rooms the coordinated efforts of all these people is not only desirable but essential.

Software Based Control Systems

We have experience with the design and installation of user-friendly, touch - screen operated control systems to give integrated control of various systems. We do our programming in house and therefore are accountable to our client for the final results. Further, we can make changes at the client’s discretion at any time. This flexibility to change the base control system can be performed via a remote modem to modem link or on-site service.

How We Work

Our work process is very much like that of any consulting firm, in that we meet clients or their representatives initially to acquire an overview of their objectives and wish list.  Once we have enough information, we will provide a detailed proposal and equipment specification.  This proposal will be reviewed with the appropriate personnel to determine how well we have understood the project scope.  Often the proposal will be revised to fine tune it to meet the client’s preferences.

Project Documentation

Our services include a professional level of project documentation.  According to the particular project, this may include wiring diagrams, plan layouts for locations of devices & controls, schedules for lighting controls, system riser diagrams, equipment dimensions, lists, etc.

Our consultants have been engaged in several long distance projects, including work in the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia  and Canada.  We are accustomed to the project demands and documentation necessary to meet the requirements of such projects successfully.

Characteristics of a Good Control System

The client may have as many or as few locations of touch - screen control as they wish.  It is also possible to provide these in a wireless or hardwired format or software that is running on a personal computer;

 Each installation is programmed differently, according to the preferences and requirements of the client.  We create the screen “layouts” in software and then customize them to individual requirements.  The clients have the freedom to request changes as their needs change;

Open Architecture: The actual control system hardware is specified to suit the particular application.  Control “cards” can be added or subtracted according to what is to be controlled.

General Considerations

  • Surround sound
  • Room layout
  • Equipment concealment
  • Lighting plan
  • Acoustical considerations
  • Ambient light
  • Electrical requirements
  • Sightlines

How We Can Be of Benefit to You

Automation  Design Group can be an asset to your project:

  • Technology is our business.  Therefore we will always be more current on the best products and solutions for specific applications, and therefore be in the best position to provide our clients the maximum performance and ease of use for their investment;
  • We can support you with the coordination necessary to make the project go smoothly and professionally;
  • We can assure the client’s satisfaction after occupancy by small adjustments to fit their preferences;
  • In the interest of being proactive toward the client’s request for various systems, we can work together toward a successful project;
  • A portion of our mission statement is to ensure that all of our clients’ objectives are met in a timely and professional manner in the most cost effective manner possible.